Hello my name is Rod Schultz one of the last of  the original nine which started this numbered company and I’m going to tell you the condensed version about the conception of 933389 NWT.  LTD.

Rodney Wood the founder of Great Slave Helicopters who appreciated the hard work and dedication of his core group of pilots and engineers pulled us together and said he was buying three 206-B jet rangers from Alberta Forestry he is keeping two of them and he would like to sell us one of them and then wanted us to lease it back to him to see how far we could go with this new venture, well we were shocked and so excited at the same time and couldn’t believe this was actually happening this is unheard of in this industry, it was Rodney Wood’s way of saying thanks guys for sticking around with me and making  Great Slave Helicopters what it is to this day.

Well we jumped at this opportunity with full force there were nine of us that pooled our money together signed the papers and here we go, were in business! This was the start of our little numbered company 933389 NWT. LTD . This venture with Great Slave Helicopters lead us to more aircraft such as the Hughes 500-D,  two Bell 204-Bs, one Bell 212-HP, one B-2 Astar which we own together with Great Slave Helicopters, last but not least our latest purchase one B3- Astar. As time went on we opened up our numbered company to the people of Great Slave Heli which now consists of 46 share holders. It has been and still is the greatest business venture I have been involved in and now being able to work with this new team of leaders Brian MacPherson, Jeff Groom, Mike Freidin, Mike Taekema at the helm of 933389 and close working relationship with Great Slave Helicopters I am sure there is no doubt the sky is the limit.

Thank you Rod Schultz.